About Dr. Story

Formerly Chief of Medicine at Clarian North Medical Center, Dr. Story has a particular interest in preventive cardiologic disease. He is past president of the Indiana affiliate of the American Heart Association and former chair of their High Blood Pressure Sub-committee. He has served as a primary investigator in international high blood pressure / lipid drug trials and is the director of the Indiana Lipid Clinic. He has presented more than 500 lectures to other physician groups on lipid and high blood pressure topics, visiting 13 different states. He was elected Fellow in the American College of Physicians in 2010.

Dr. Story graduated from Indiana University Medical School and completed his internal medicine residency at St. Vincent Hospital.


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News from the CDC
Thursday September 19, 2013
Aah, tis autumn...my favorite time of year....and a young man's fancy turns to...influenza?!?

This year's vaccine is again a trivalent, inactivated vaccine. It contains two A viruses: California (H1N1) and Texas (H3N2). There is...
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Vitamin D
Thursday August 8, 2013
I never ceased to be amazed at how important medical issues are presented in the media (at least most of the time). The current hubbub about vitamin D is no exception.

There is NO question vitamin D is important in building stro...
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